In order to protect the fundamental rights enshrined in the national Constitution, as well as each of the rights recognized in the Convention on Human Rights duly ratified by our country, the National Authority of Transparency and Access to Information, on July 8, 2016, convened a forum of open consultation for the presentation of the draft bill of Personal Data Protection, as the first law in our country aimed to recognize these rights in the private sector, provided that the country only has Law 6 of January 22, 2002, which regulates standards of transparency in governance.

This project dictates the parameters by which personal data of both natural and legal persons must be recollected, protected, modified, deleted and blocked, by properly regulated and authorized public and private organizations.

The Panamanian State recognizes that the holder of the information has the right that his or her personal data is not used for advertising, marketing, research or surveys, and that the holder can object if their personal data is used without prior authorization, with the consequent civil and criminal liability for the entities which failed with the dispositions on the handling of the information that is under its custody. Except for personal data that come from public access sources or that has been collected for the exercise of functions of Public Administration, among others.