In my post earlier this week, I described how one SDNY judge (Oetken) sanctioned copyright plaintiff's lawyer Richard Liebowitz and his firm nearly $100,000 for making a frivolous motion to disqualify an expert witness. Later this week, in a different SDNY case a different judge (Furman) sanctioned Liebowitz and his firm $8745.50 for his failure to comply with multiple court orders including orders relating to a mediation and requiring his appearance in court. The judge seemed especially peeved because Liebowitz continued to claim copyright infringement even after the defendant (NBCUniversal) appeared to have evidence that its use was licensed. The case is Rice v. NBCUniversal Media LLC. The first paragraph of the case includes a list of other cases has been sanctioned in the SDNY. Not a good week for Mr. Liebowitz

{ In his relatively short career litigating in this District, Richard Liebowitz has earned the dubious distinction of being a regular target of sanctions-related motions and orders. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that there is a growing body of law in this District devoted to the question of whether and when to impose sanctions on Mr. Liebowitz alone.