At the urging of Verizon and Qwest Communications, the FCC on Monday revised conditions attached to the AT&T-BellSouth merger order to remove a requirement, associated with special access rate cuts agreed to by AT&T, that Verizon and Qwest enact similar cuts to their special access rates to receive corresponding rate reductions from the merged entity. The FCC’s reconsideration order concerns special access condition 6, which caps prices and governs terms and conditions under which the merged entity may offer DS1 and DS3 channel termination services, DS1 and DS3 mileage services, and Ethernet services. To win FCC approval of their $82 billion union, AT&T and BellSouth agreed last December to accept special access condition 6 as long as Verizon and Qwest were required to do the same. That premise, however, drew fire from Verizon and Qwest, which threatened legal action if the FCC approved tariffs that put the special access condition in place. While maintaining that the special access requirement in its original form is “lawful and fully justified by market conditions,” AT&T—in a filing with the FCC—told the agency that it would be willing to modify its commitment “in order to resolve any lingering controversy.” Accepting the change, the FCC said it would remove the reciprocity requirement while reducing the term of the special access condition from 48 months to 39 months as requested by AT&T. Declaring that the original condition “discriminated against some carriers and was on extremely shaky legal ground,” Verizon said, “the FCC has acted wisely.”