DOS Releases October 2012 Visa Bulletin – Priority Date Movement In Many Employment-Based Immigrant Visa Categories Disappointing

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) recently released its October 2012 Visa Bulletin. Many were disappointed by the priority dates in this Visa Bulletin due to the fact that they expected the employment-based immigrant visa categories to more significantly advance as the government commences its new fiscal year. In the past few Visa Bulletins, the EB-2 Indian and Chinese national preference categories were Unavailable. Prior to the categories becoming Unavailable, they reached to the priority date of May 2010. Therefore, it was assumed when new employment-based immigrant visa numbers became available in October, the DOS would establish a priority date cutoff near the last cutoff before the categories became Unavailable. However, the DOS has established the priority date of September 2004 for the EB-2 Indian national preference category and July 2007 for the EB-2 Chinese national category. Due to increased demand in the other employment-based immigrant visa categories, it now remains unseen as to how many months (if not years) it will take before the EB-2 Indian and Chinese national categories again approach the cutoff of May 2010. Additionally, the DOS did not make the EB-2 World category in Current again. However, it is anticipated that the DOS will make this category in Current again, maybe as early as next month.

The following is the comparison of the movement in the employment-based immigrant visa categories since the inception of Current retrogression in October 2005:

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