The consumer group Citizens for Health has launched a Website, FoodIdentityTheft. com, that purportedly aims to inform Americans “about misleading labeling on many food, beverage and health products.” Claiming that “some food companies are trying to steal consumer’s [sic] rights to know what’s in the foods they eat,” the Website covers issues such as “the proposed name change of High Fructose Corn Syrup” and urges readers to contact federal agencies to oppose relabeling the ingredient “corn sugar.” The site also targets tomato sauces advertised as using “only the finest tomatoes” and blueberryflavored products that allegedly contain “absolutely no blueberries.”

“Many consumers believe that the U.S. government will protect us from false advertising or stop corporations from making unproven claims about their products,” said the site’s senior editor Linda Bonvie in a September 27, 2011, Citizens for Health press release. “But the truth is, corporations and their lobbyists have a huge influence in Washington. We as consumers have to protect ourselves, stay informed, and tell our legislators and government agencies that we won’t accept being lied to.”

Dedicated to the “natural health consumer,” Citizens for Health has also organized a march from New York City to the White House “to demand that all Genetically Engineered Foods be properly labeled.” The event, scheduled for October 1-16, 2011, includes a number of stops and rallies along the way. Participants in the “GMO Right2Know March” will travel to the United Nations and to food coops, markets and museums in five states and the District of Columbia. See Citizens for Health Press Release, September 29, 2011.