The CFPB published an aggressive Spring 2016Rulemaking Agenda this week. Two big takeaways: The proposed pay day rules will be published within the next few weeks and the Bureau is not providing much of an update on its debt collection rulemaking. While no definitive dates were provided, the Agenda does give some insight as to an expected time frame for several hot button issues:

Payday Lending:The CFPB has confirmed in its press release related to the agenda that it expects to release the proposed rule in the "next several weeks." The press release suggests that the proposed rule is likely to require all short term loans take into account the consumer's ability to repay without default or re-borrowing. The proposed rule is also likely to limit the number of rollovers for a loan, prohibit auto title loans, and place limitations on repayment by bank account draft.

Mortgage Servicing: The CFPB expects to amend certain aspects of the mortgage servicing rules this summer including enhanced loss mitigation requirements and compliance requirements when a borrower is in bankruptcy.

TRID: Also consistent with recent statements, the Spring Agenda indicates that the CFPB expects to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking clarifying certain aspects of TRID. Since it took effect, the mortgage industry has raised a number of concerns with ambiguities in the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure. The NPR is likely to address at least some of those issues.

Prepaid Financial Products: Last fall, the CFPB indicated it expected to issue its final rule on prepaid financial products in early 2016. The latest press release indicates that the final rule will be released some time this summer.

Overdrafts:In the spring of 2015, the CFPB indicated that they were continuing to conduct additional research to assess whether rulemaking is warranted and did not issue a time table for rulemaking. Since then, the CFPB does not appear to have made much public headway. The Spring 2016 Agenda indicates the Bureau is still engaged in pre rule making activities.

Debt Collection: One of the biggest stories that remains is when a proposed rule as to debt collection will be issued. The CFPB has not committed to a time line. Prerule activities continue and the industry should be on the lookout for the convening of a SBREFA Panel as the next likely step. The CFPB indicates that they are engaged in consumer testing initiatives to “determine what information would be useful to consumers to have about debt collection and their debts and how that information should be provided to them.”

Women owned, Minority owned and Small Business Data Collection:The CFPB is in the early stages of developing rules to require financial institutions to report information about their lending to women-owned, minority owned and small businesses. The CFPB has indicated a desire to model any data collection after their recently released HMDA Rules. Prerule activities are in the initial stage and expected to continue through the third quarter of 2016.