On April 19, ArcelorMittal Tubular Products, Michigan Seamless Tube, LLC, PTC Alliance Corp., Zekelman Industries, and Webco Industries, Inc. filed AD and CVD petitions on imports of certain cold-drawn mechanical tubing from China, Germany, India, Italy, Korea and Switzerland.

The scope of this investigation covers cold-drawn mechanical tubing of carbon and alloy steel (cold-drawn mechanical tubing) of circular cross-section, in actual diameters less than 13 inches (less than 331 mm), and regardless of wall thickness, surface finish, end finish or industry specification. The subject cold-drawn mechanical tubing is a tubular product with a circular cross-sectional shape that has been cold-drawn or otherwise cold-finished after the initial tube formation in a manner that involves a change in the diameter or wall thickness of the tubing, or both. The subject cold-drawn mechanical tubing may be produced from either welded (e.g., electric resistance welded, continuous welded, etc.) or seamless (e.g., pierced, pilgered or extruded, etc.) carbon or alloy steel tubular products. It may also be heat treated after cold working (annealed, normalized, quenched and tempered, stress relieved, or finish annealed). Typical cold-drawing methods for subject merchandise include, but are not limited to, drawing over mandrel, rod drawing, and sink drawing.

Petitioners have requested the AD duties as shown below, as well CVD duties to offset subsidies on imports from China and India.


Alleged AD Rate


88.82% - 188.88%


70.53% - 104.82%




14.14% - 32.16%


37.23% - 69.13%


40.53% - 115.21%

The U.S. International Trade Commission will hold a public preliminary conference on May 10, in which interested parties (U.S. producers, importers, purchasers, and foreign producers/exporters) may testify and answer USITC staff questions about the Cold-Drawn Mechanical Tubing industry and market.