Growth expectations for the maquila production in Honduras are between 7% and 8%. Thus concluded the study, "Goods for processing and related activities for 2014 and expectations for 2015 to 2016", published by the Central Bank of Honduras. For the period 2015-2016 the international scenario for the development of the maquila activity is stable, with the improvement in external demand, mainly from the United States of America, which encourages investment in new businesses. The study reveals that the building of a new park located in Choloma, Cortés, is in process and is expected to begin operations in late 2015.

Government policies to create a climate of macroeconomic stability on par with initiatives to encourage investment like support to the Zones of Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE), and the presidential program “Con Chamba Vivís Mejor” (“you will live better with a job”), are factors that motivate maquila entrepreneurs to continue with their investments.