Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident in Ontario and want to pursue compensation for the injuries? It’s never easy to access compensation in slip and fall accidents. You must build a strong case that clearly demonstrates that the injuries sustained are serious and led to a permanent impairment of an important physical, mental and/or psychological function, in order to receive any damages for pain and suffering (non-pecuniary damages).

You may want to file a claim to recover lost income or lost earning capacity. While your insurance company may want to argue against the claim for loss of income, a good slip and fall accident lawyer can help to secure the compensation that you deserve. Your lawyer can help to gather supporting evidence which shows that the injuries limit your scope of employment or earnings in the future.

Some slip and fall injuries can make victims not only less capable of earning income but also become less marketable to potential employers. This means that the victim will be unable to take up job opportunities that might have otherwise been available to them. Filing a claim for loss of potential earnings can help you to recover damages for these kinds of losses.