Commission cleared, subject to conditions, the proposed acquisition of Mach, of Luxembourg, by Syniverse, of the US. Both companies are global providers of technology services. The Commission’s investigation revealed that the proposed concentration would have raised competition concerns in the markets for Data Clearing ("DC") services and Near Trade Roaming Data Exchange ("NRTRDE") services. These services are technical steps of the roaming process enabling people to use their mobile phones while travelling abroad. The Commission was concerned that the proposed acquisition, as initially notified, would have allowed Syniverse to raise prices or to decrease the quality of these services. The Commission found that the proposed acquisition would combine the first and the second largest supplier of the DC and NRTRDE services in the EEA and globally, creating a dominant player with virtual monopoly market shares. To address the Commission's concerns, Syniverse committed to divest a significant part of Mach's assets and in particular the entirety of Mach’s DC and NRTRDE businesses in the EEA. The divestment includes infrastructure which will allow the purchaser to provide not only DC and NRTRDE services but also a comprehensive set of other roaming-related services as required by customers. Further, as the Commission's investigation revealed that a proven reputation and a successful track record with large MNOs are crucial for a competitor to credibly bid for the largest customers, Syniverse committed to further divest the former Mach personnel dedicated to these services in the EEA and to include former Mach top customers. In view of these commitments, the Commission concluded that the proposed acquisition would not significantly impede dffective competition in the EEA or in any substantial part thereof. Source: Commission Press Release 29/5/2013