Ranking Republican member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation John Thune (S.D.), who, when Republicans take control of the U.S. Senate in January 2015, is expected to chair the committee that oversees the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will reportedly focus on reducing the burdens on manufacturers purportedly posed by CPSC’s third-party testing requirements. During confirmation hearings for current CPSC Chair Elliot Kaye (D) and Commissioner Joseph Mohorovic (R), Thune apparently sought their plans to reduce third-party testing costs.

Among their proposals was the recognition of international toy standards so companies can avoid duplicative third-party testing to comply with international standards and the ASTM F963-11 toy standard, as well as a “de minimis” third-party testing exemption for children’s products containing less than 10 mg of a material required to be tested. A senior Republican committee aide reportedly indicated that Thune was interested in the proposals and that, when the senator spoke with Kaye on November 12, he indicated that he looked forward to working with the commission on these burden-reduction plans. See Bloomberg BNA, Product Safety & Liability Reporter™, November 13, 2014.