On November 2, 2015, the US Comptroller of the Currency, Thomas J. Curry, once more discussed the issue of increased credit risk confronting the federal banking system during the Risk Management Associations' Annual Risk Management Conference. He argued that credit quality issues are a rising concern because banks are beginning to increase their risk appetite and are taking on additional credit risk. He notes that credit risk is increasing in two forms: relaxed credit underwriting and increased loan concentrations. In his statement, Comptroller Curry recommended that banks take initiative to address concentration risk on their own and also review more closely their loan loss allowance levels to determine whether it is appropriate in relation to the level of credit risk within the bank's loan portfolio.

The text of Comptroller Curry's remarks is available at: http://www.occ.gov/news-issuances/speeches/2015/pub-speech- 2015-147.pdf.