Ontario held a press conference today to announce new protections for condo residents, to be implemented this fall. This is great (but somewhat old) news. What’s new is that we now know more about the education and examination requirements for Condo managers.

Today’s announcement

In today’s press release the Minister of Government and Consumer Services Tracy MacCharles announced the following new protections for condo communities taking effect this fall. We’ve embedded links to prior posts on each of these initiatives:

The government has also announced that it is designating two new administrative authorities. In fact, these authorities have already launched their websites. The Condo Authority will be designated as of September 1st. The Condo Management Regulatory Authority will be designated as of November 1st, 2017. All of this is in line with the scheduled implementation of many of the changes coming down the pike.

New Information on Education and Examinations Requirements for CMs

What is somewhat new (at least as of July 20, 2017) is that the minister has designated some of the educational and examination requirements for individuals applying for a Condo Manager’s licence.

Starting November 1st, 2017, all condo managers will have 90 days to apply for a licence under the Condo Management Services Act. During this period, managers will be deemed to automatically have one of the transitional licences.

Condo Managers with less than 5 years of experience in providing condo management services will have to take the following courses developed by ACMO:

  1. Condominium Law;
  2. Physical Building Management;
  3. Financial Planning for Condo Managers; and,
  4. Condo Administration and Human Relations.

Managers will be able to take these courses with any college of applied arts and technology providing such courses or with any condo management provider authorized by ACMO to offer such courses to the provider’s employees.

Condo Managers with 5 years or more of experience in providing condo management services will be able to take the same courses or will be able to challenge the test developed by ACMO.