Notification and clearance timetable

Filing formalities

What are the deadlines for filing? Are there sanctions for not filing and are they applied in practice?

Concentrations falling within the threshold must be notified to the Competition Authority no later than one week after:

  • the conclusion of the merger agreement;
  • the merger is publicly notified; or
  • the acquisition of control over the target company.

Fines may be imposed for implementation before clearance.

The Faroese and Danish languages are of equal status in the Faroe Islands. Filing can therefore be made in either language. It may also be possible on a case-by-case basis to make arrangements with the Faroese Competition Authority to file in other languages (such as English).

Which parties are responsible for filing and are filing fees required?

In principle, all the parties involved in a concentration are responsible for filing. No filing fees apply.

What are the waiting periods and does implementation of the transaction have to be suspended prior to clearance?

The implementation of the transaction is suspended prior to clearance. The parties can ask for dispensation from this rule. The Competition Authority has the power to make dispensations conditional upon specific terms.

Pre-clearance closing

What are the possible sanctions involved in closing or integrating the activities of the merging businesses before clearance and are they applied in practice?

Fines may be imposed for implementation before clearance. Where the Competition Council finds that the merger will significantly impede effective competition, the Competition Council has the power to annul the merger, and issue an order demanding the undertakings already merged to separate their businesses. Furthermore, the Competition Council is entitled to make approval of the merger subject to conditions.

Are sanctions applied in cases involving closing before clearance in foreign-to-foreign mergers?

To date, no sanctions have been applied in foreign-to-foreign mergers.

What solutions might be acceptable to permit closing before clearance in a foreign-to-foreign merger?

So far, there has not been an opportunity to test under which circumstances a dispensation (see question 11) may be obtained.

Public takeovers

Are there any special merger control rules applicable to public takeover bids?

The Competition Act does not prevent the implementation of a public bid that has been notified to the Competition Authority.


What is the level of detail required in the preparation of a filing, and are there sanctions for supplying wrong or missing information?

The level of detail depends on the filing form. For a merger that can be filed by short notice, the level of detail is less than when the merger must be filed by ordinary notice. The provisions on whether a merger can be filed by short or by ordinary notice are in Executive Order No. 2 of 17 May 2012, section 3.

With the permission of the Faroese Competition Authority, the participating undertakings can omit information from a notice. The competition authorities will then assess the short-form notification, and may require a full notification if the merger has an impact on the Faroese market.

Investigation phases and timetable

What are the typical steps and different phases of the investigation?

Pre-notification consultations with the Competition Authority may and should take place. Very often these consultations can have a significant impact on the outcome and provide the undertakings concerned with the opportunity to address possible competition concerns in the notification - with the effect that the procedure is accelerated. To initiate this informal procedure, a briefing paper is often delivered to the Competition Authority.

What is the statutory timetable for clearance? Can it be speeded up?

Within 30 working days of the Faroese authorities’ receipt of a complete filing submission, the Competition Council will notify the participating undertakings if further investigations are required, or alternatively whether the merger can be approved. If the authorities have not given this notification within the 30-day time limit, the authorities can no longer annul the merger. Merger notifications submitted by short notice are generally approved before the expiry of the 30-day period.

The Competition Council must make its final decision within 90 working days of the above-mentioned notification being sent to the participating undertakings. This deadline can be extended by up to 20 working days when commitments are proposed, and again by up to 20 working days with the parties’ consent.