Mirror sites have been a growing problem for many rights owners in Russia – especially Cyrillic mirror sites reflecting infringing Western ones.

Good news may however soon be on the horizon as the Russian Government has recently lodged a draft bill to the lower house of the State Duma (Parliament) on blocking mirror websites, which carry infringing content.  The bill brings in the new term – DERIVED INTERNET SITE – which is aimed to encompass mirror sites in Russia.  The draft focuses on procedures to restrict access to such mirror sites through the Moscow City Court, at the same time search providers will be obliged to delete data on these infringing mirror sites from their searches.

The issue of mirror sites came on the table whilst the Russian Government was looking at blocking key websites that regularly provide infringing content.  Mirror sites were found to be still reflecting the content of sites that had already been blocked.  The Russian Government therefore decided to take action on these – good news for any brand owner working in Russia.