Privacy Notices are used by firms to tell customers how their data will be used.  The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has recently published a consultation on Privacy notices, transparency and control -  a code of practice on communicating privacy information to individuals”.  It believes that the notices are often too long and overly legalistic, which can result in customers ignoring them and in turn missing out on important information.  In order to rectify this, the ICO is proposing that firms take a “blended” approach, for instance a short video explaining how customer personal data will be used or a message that appears to tell the customer why their email address is needed when they are filling out an online form.

The ICO is seeking views on the changes it has proposed to its Code of Practice, the information that should be included in the privacy notices and the most effective ways to communicate these to customers. The consultation closes on the 24 March 2016.