On 20 October 2014, EIOPA published its final report and guidelines for national supervisors on the use of the 'legal entity identifier' (LEI). LEIs are unique identification codes, use of which EIOPA recommends in its guidelines (and which it expects will improve collection, storage and dissemination of high quality, reliable and comparable data of (re)insurers, (re)insurance groups and pensions providers). EIOPA’s guidelines apply from 31 December 2014 but national supervisors must confirm to EIOPA, within two months, their compliance (or intention to comply) with the guidelines. Failure to respond by this deadline will be taken as (intention of) non-compliance. National supervisors should seek to ensure that entities subject to Solvency II have requested an LEI code by 30 June 2015, and that all other entities supervised by them do so by 30 June 2016.