The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), whose Leaping Bunny Program identifies animal cruelty-free companies, has expressed concern about a recent study suggesting that the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013 (SCPCPA) may result in an increase in animal testing. CCIC cites the January 24, 2014, article “Safety Evaluations Under the Proposed US Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013: Animal Use and Cost Esti- mates,” published in the scientific journal ALTEX, which studies the language of the SCPCPA to project the amount of animal testing that the law would require.

Concluding that passage of SCPCPA will result “in a minimum of one million animals being used in new required testing and will cost companies between $1.7-$9 billion to perform these tests,” a significant increase over current testing costs and numbers of animals used, article co-author Jean Knight states, “in reading the Act, I was surprised to see that it would increase animal testing of cosmetics, since this is counter to the worldwide trend to reduce animal testing. The Act’s language can’t be easily understood unless you have some background in toxicology, so this impact was flying under the radar. Many Leaping Bunny certified companies were actually supporting the Act, unaware of the implications for animal testing. The article hopefully brings this information onto the radar so that people can make informed decisions.”

Observing that the authors of the article “have done a great service in demon- strating that SCPCPA is a regressive bill,” CCIC Chair Sue Leary said, “there has been a decisive move in recent years away from cruel and unnecessary animal testing but this bill reverses that. It’s hard to imagine why legislators would want to increase animal testing for things like lipstick and shampoo. Consumers certainly don’t want this and companies don’t either.” See CCIC News Release, January 27, 2014.