Tesla gets to keep its name in China after all.  As reported by Reuters, Tesla won its court battle and will be able to register Te Si La as a trademark in China - which is the name best known by Chinese consumers.  It can thus do away with the "Tuosule" work-around that was to be its trademark in China.  As we reported previously, a Chinese holder of the mark wanted $32 million for the rights to this mark. Apparently the Chinese courts thought otherwise. 

Telsa has 31 trademarks registered with the US trademark office including variations of TESLA, T TESLA, TESLA with logo elements, MODEL Y, X, E, S, and the original TESLA ROADSTER.  Let's hope they are all registered in China so recent history doesn't repeat . . . .  In other Tesla news, it is now possible to drive coast to coast on Tesla's dime using its newly completed network of supercharger units