[2007] LTLPI 15.02.08

Claimant born 1986, 26 weeks premature. Claimant nursed in the special care unit but her arterial oxygen levels were not monitored adequately resulting in the development of bilateral retinopathy. As a consequence Claimant suffered total functional blindness. Claimant developed serious mental health problems with very low self-esteem, an eating disorder, chronic depressive episodes and incidents of self-harm. She also suffered from type I diabetes and obesity.

Expert evidence indicated blindness caused by the negligence led to a sedentary lifestyle that aggravated her obesity and accelerated the onset of diabetes. Blindness also caused Claimant to become isolated which aggravated her mental health problems, although she would have had such problems in any event.

Out of Court Settlement: £2,250,000 total damages (estimated General Damages £160,000).