1.  October 2012 was the first staging date for the largest employers. Check yours by clicking here.
  1.  An estimated 11 million employees will join a qualifying pension scheme for auto enrolment. How do you check if your pension scheme qualifies? Go to section four of the TLT FAQs on auto enrolment.
  1. £10,000 daily fine for employers who do not meet their staging date. How do you avoid this? Go to section seven of the TLT FAQs on auto enrolment.
  1. Keeping records – see Guidance 9 from the Pensions Regulator which details which records must be kept by law by the employer.
  1. £8105 – earnings trigger in 2012/13 for auto enrolment by employers. Why is this trigger important? See section three of TLT FAQs for more detail.
  1. Seven steps to auto enrolment provided by the Pensions Regulator.
  1. Six principles from the Pensions Regulator for a good auto enrolment pension scheme.
  1. £5564 is the lower earnings threshold (2012/13) for qualifying earnings. The upper earnings threshold is £42,475 (2012/13). What are qualifying earnings? Go to section six of the TLT FAQs.
  1. Four types of workers to check for auto enrolment: eligible jobholders, non-eligible jobholders, entitled workers, non-entitled workers. Which type are your workers? Go to section three of the TLT FAQs for how to decide.
  1. Three months to postpone your staging date, if you give eligible jobholders notice at the start of your staging date that you are postponing. Go to section six of the TLT FAQs for more information.
  1.  2% of qualifying earnings for total contributions from the employer, employee and tax relief until September 2017. What contributions do employers have to make from October 2017 onwards? Remember to also check contracts of employment for current employer contributions, as these may need to be amended, subject to consultation, to comply with auto enrolment.Go to section six of the TLT FAQs for more information.
  1. One month for eligible jobholders to opt out. How can they opt out and what are the prohibited employer inducements? Go to sections six and seven of the TLT FAQs for more information.