The Department of Defense (DOD) issued a final rule amending the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) to expand the foreign source restrictions applicable to the acquisition of clothing under DOD contracts and subcontracts. 72 Federal Register (Fed. Reg.) 42315 (Aug. 2, 2007). These restrictions now also include clothing materials and components, other than sensors, electronics, or other items added to, and not normally associated with, clothing and the materials and components thereof. The DOD expects the rule to have a positive impact on its clothing contractors, which are mostly small business concerns, by reducing foreign competition. The DOD notes, however, that the rule could have a negative impact on contractors that have been using foreign components in the manufacturing of clothing products. The rule went into effect on August 2, 2007. (The DOD issued an interim rule and request for comments in January 2007, but received no comments. The final rule implements the interim rule without any changes.)