On March 16th, CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler said the CFTC will not meet the July 2011 deadline for implementing the Dodd-Frank Act. The agency has received thousands of comments in response to its proposals, including one purportedly from Charlie Sheen. This spring, the CFTC intends to publish final rules defining swap dealers and major swap participants. It may also finalize mandatory clearing rules, end-user exceptions, large trader reporting rules, whistleblower and anti-manipulation rules, and certain consumer protection rules. The next set of rules the CFTC hopes to finalize include those addressing clearinghouses, business conduct standards swap data repositories and swap data recordkeeping and reporting requirements, and designated contract markets, swap execution facilities and foreign boards of trade. The final set of rules to be addressed include the disruptive trading practices interpretive order, product definitions, capital and margin requirements, and supervision and testing requirements. Gensler noted that a rule's early adoption does not mean early effectiveness. Moreover, the CFTC may phase-in many of the new rules. Gensler Remarks.