The environmental organization River Connect has issued a report titled:

Protecting and Restoring Flows in Our Southeastern Rivers: A Synthesis of State Policies for Water Security and Sustainability

River Connect cites a range of threats to river flows in the Southeast.

The organization states that the Report addresses:

  • A comprehensive set of policies
    • Scientific foundations of water budgets
    • Supply management
    • Flow protection
    • Demand management
    • Management of the built environment

The policies in the following five Southeastern states are examined:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee

River Connect also offers recommendations and models for how it believes the referenced state policies should be strengthened. Some of the state policies discussed include:

  • Water budgets – policies relating to gathering and utilizing information on how much water has been used and returned to the river basins
  • Security – understanding developing water budgets
  • Managing supply – policies relating to management of water supply and river flows including water withdrawal permitting and tracking, interbasin transfer evaluation and water planning
  • Flow protection – policies relating to both science-based environmental flow criteria as well as mechanisms or policies to apply the criteria including water allocation and withdrawal permitting policy and water quality standards
  • Reducing demand – policies relating to water conservation efficiency, including managing water loss and integrating conservation and efficiency into withdrawal requirements
  • Built environment – policies relating to reducing the demand for water including creating more natural systems in the built environment that contribute to and replenish streams and rivers

The Report also includes a discussion of the water laws and regulations in the referenced states.

A link to the Report can be downloaded here.