An Article-by-Article reading of the Modernised Customs Code (MCC)/Union Customs Code (UCC) recast proposal took place in the Council’s Working Party (WP) on Customs Union on 1 and 26 June and 3, 18 and 24 July 2012. When this issue was drafted, the Member States had discussed the first 77 Articles of the proposal in the WP. Member States have until 17 August 2012 to submit further comments. The Cypriot presidency hopes to complete the first technical reading of the recast proposal by November 2012 and submit a compromise text for discussion by the Member States by the end of 2012.

Within the European Parliament, the International Trade (INTA) Committee has also exchanged views on the proposal. A vote within the INTA Committee is scheduled for its session of 10-11 October 2012. The Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee is scheduled to vote on the proposal on 29 November 2012, and a vote in the European Parliament’s plenary session is set to take place in April 2013.