A man attended a clinic to give blood. During a conversation with the nurse taking his blood, the man realised they had a mutual friend and asked the nurse to pass on his regards to the friend. The nurse later saw the friend and did so, mentioning that she had seen the man while taking his blood. The friend then told the nurse information about the man which she passed on to the blood collection agency. As a result, the man could no longer be a blood donor. The man complained that the nurse's disclosure breached Rule 11 of the Health Information Privacy Code. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner considered the case and found that there was no breach by the nurse, concluding that it was "reasonable for the nurse to believe that, because the man had asked the nurse to pass on his regards to their mutual friend, the man would also have been happy for the nurse to tell the mutual friend the circumstances under which they had met". Case Note 228235 [2011] NZ PrivCmr 7.