We know that partner visa applications make up almost 30% of all review applications lodged to the MRT.  46% of those decisions are set aside, meaning that  the relationships were found to be genuine. The visa  applicants, however, did not know how to present their relationships clearly to the Department of Immigration and were unaware of the myriad of hidden dangers.

With visa applications taking 12-15 months to process and MRT reviews on Partner visa applications also taking 15 months, who wouldn’t want to avoid a 30 -month waiting period with a refusal  at the end of it?  By ensuring  that your initial visa application is both decision-ready and one for approval, means that you and your partner can be reunited and commence your life together in Australia sooner.

At Aspire Australia, our 20+ years’ experience tells us that Partner visa applicants and sponsors are subject to high levels of stress and emotion. Reliance on a migration advisers who can take over the management of the visa process– to ensure that data is correct and consistent, that only appropriate and relevant evidence is submitted and that the strategy is correctly determined and the myriad of questions and issues arising during the processing of the application are addressed – provides peace of mind.

All too often we have seen applicants who have lodged their applications themselves with only a marriage certificate as evidence, disappointed and angry when their application has been refused.

1 January 2015 brought with it bad news for intending Partner visa applicants with the lodgement fee hiked up to $6 865, a rise of over $2300. This extraordinarily high fee is more than the previously most expensive visa category, the Business visa. Admittedly, the Partner visa fee covers both the transitional and the residence visa applications, averaging at under $3 500 per application. For some applicants who are eligible for permanent residence directly – and perhaps not least because of the 12-15 month processing time at the Department of Immigration – the higher fee is still payable regardless of being related to only one application process.

Not only is the new fee a financial disadvantage to Partner visa applicants, but it also often feels like there  are less funds available to consult with and obtain the services of a migration professional. Before ditching the advisor, consider the long term advantages of a successful Partner visa and the consequences if something does go wrong. Then ask yourself  the following:

  • I have the time to research the visa and sponsorship requirements?
  • Do I know where to access all the material I need to complete the application forms, public interest criteria checks and provide evidence that is relevant to my situation?
  • Will  my friends and family  be able to  prepare their supporting statements by themselves or will they need help?
  • Will I have questions along the way and if so, how am I going to find out the answers?

If after answering these questions you feel unsteady on your feet, then, for you,  in an ally for your migration journey may be a wise choice.