In December 2012, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (“FCCA”) proposed to the Market Court that a fine be imposed on Valio for abuse of dominant position in the market for production and wholesale of fresh milk through a predatory pricing scheme. Further, the FCCA ordered Valio to cease the abusive conduct. Valio appealed the FCCA’s decision to the Market Court and requested the Market Court to prohibit the implementation of the FCCA’s decision until the Market Court hands down its judgment on the main appeal. According to the Market Court, Valio decided on 9 January 2013 to raise the prices of fresh milk by 30 % from the beginning of February 2013. Valio’s appeal against the FCCA’s decision was made only after the decision to raise prices. The Market Court held that since Valio had already acted according to the FCCA’s decision there was no reason to prohibit the implementation of the FCCA’s order to cease the abusive conduct. Further, it is unclear whether Valio will suffer any economic loss as a result of the implemented price increase and the implementation of the FCCA’s decision does not render Valio’s appeal futile. Therefore, the Market Court rejected Valio’s application. The Market Court’s interim decision does not deal with the issue of whether Valio has abused its dominant position. The oral hearing of the main appeal in the Market Court begins in autumn 2013. Source: The Finnish Market Court’s Press Release and the Competition and Consumer Authority’s Press Release 28/06/2013