(a) January 2013 Round

The formal proposals for the draft Tariff Quota and Duty Suspensions Regulations to be published in the EU’s Official Journal for the January 2013 round were submitted by the Commission to the Council on 9 November 2012. Both drafts were discussed in the relevant Council Working Party on 19 November 2012, and the texts were agreed with a few minor technical amendments to the draft Duty Suspensions Regulation. The Regulations are expected to be published in December, before entering into effect on 1 January 2013.

(b) July 2013 Round

EU Member States must forward any objections against the requests for suspensions and quotas that were filed for the July 2013 Round to the European Commission by 10 December 2012, the date of the second meeting of the Economic Tariff Questions Group (ETQG). The third meeting will then follow in early 2013.

(c) January 2014 Round

Companies wishing to obtain a suspension or tariff quota in 2014 must get ready to file their application with their Member State in early 2013.