The All Aboard Florida project has the potential to be transformational for South Florida real estate, providing opportunities for transit oriented development. Currently, the All Aboard Florida project is in active development including new railways and major new station developments along the railway. Station construction projects at the four destination cities, (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando) are at various stages of development and construction. The Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach stations are scheduled to be completed in advance of the 2017 launch of the Brightline passenger rail service between Miami and West Palm Beach, with service from Miami to Orlando following.

Brightline express train service will provide express, safe, relaxing, convenient intercity travel in one of the most populous and visited regions in the United States, offering a faster, more efficient and important new travel alternative in Florida. Brightline is reinventing what traveling by train can mean in America, making it a forward-leaning solution that is a smarter alternative to more cars on crowded roads. The new service will combine train travel with an experience that extends well beyond the trains and stations.

Brightline will not just revolutionize local travel, it will have an immense effect on the Florida community. Over the next decade, it will have a direct, positive impact on Florida’s economy. During construction, it will create nearly 10,000 rail line and transit oriented development construction jobs. In addition, it’s a bright future for real estate development along the train route and in conjunction with the project stations, fueling growth and catalyzing the urban regeneration of the cities. The project will revitalize the urban cores with the station locations serving as hubs for connectivity to shopping, dining, hotels, work and attractions. Stations are being constructed in downtown areas primed for growth and revitalization, strategically placed in close proximity to local commuter trains, buses, and cabs, and opportunities to work, play and live. Station features include:

  • Connections with existing public transit system
  • Easy access to recreation, shopping, museums, sporting and cultural events
  • Enhancing accessibility with existing workplace and employment centers
  • Stimulus for new retail, commercial and residential demand at and around the stations

Plans are already in the works for mixed use development including retail, commercial, residential and office uses in the vicinity of project stations. The project’s stations will serve as multi-modal hubs and a “live-work-play-commute” urban environment. In Miami, the station and surrounding transit oriented development will encompass nearly three million square feet and span two sites: (1) a nine acre transportation hub in downtown Miami including a mixed use development with residential, office, commercial and retail, and (2) a two- acre multi-use complex which will include mixed-use retail and commercial development. Once fully completed, All Aboard Florida will allow you to live, work, play and travel without the use of a car. All Aboard Florida is moving South Florida to bigger and “brighter” thinks.