Today, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy released the first set of Q&A responses for its second round of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Request for Applications. The Q&A responses can be found on the Medical Marijuana Control Program website. Over 200 questions were submitted ranging from questions on sources of capital, to site plan requirements. In the responses, the Board of Pharmacy has provided key guidance to applicants as they put together their applications for more Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses. This guidance will be instrumental to applicants as they navigate the application requirements and prepare the numerous required submissions to place their names in the hat for the license lottery.

One aspect of the application, the survey requirement, has generated a lot of questions from interested parties. In its responses, the Board of Pharmacy has made it clear that the survey “must be completed by a third-party, licensed professional.” They have further elaborated that there is no specific map required for the survey but that it must “contain all required information, be clearly legible and labeled, and may be divided into 8.4 by 11 inch sections.” Applicants will need to carefully review these Q&A responses to ensure that they are taking note of all guidance while preparing their application submissions.

The second Q&A period began on October 17, 2021 and will end on October 21, 2021. Questions may be submitted by emailing the medical marijuana control program. If Applicants have additional questions after reviewing the first Q&A responses, they will need to submit questions during the second Q&A period as this is the last opportunity they will have to receive guidance from the Board of Pharmacy.