“Let me be very very clear: failing to report is breaking the law. We have the powers to enforce against companies who are in breach of these regulations. We take this enormously seriously. We have been very clear that we will be coming after 100% of companies that do not comply.”

Last week Rebecca Hilsenrath, chief executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, cautioned all companies that have not yet reported on their gender pay gaps. Hilsenrath warned companies that they could be pursued through the courts if they fail to report their gender pay gap.

The pay gap reporting has already exposed significant differences in gender pay across industries including finance, beauty and retail. A total of 9,000 companies are required to report gender pay gap; however, with only seven days left before the deadline, only around 50 per cent have revealed their figures on the Government Equalities website.

Not only will those companies that fail to make the deadline be named and shamed on a public list on the government portal, companies that continue to avoid the requirement might ultimately face a summary conviction, be subject to an unlimited fine and be forced to publish the data under a court order.

For further guidance on gender pay reporting please click here. Do not get caught out. If the requirement applies to your company, register and report now.