Most of the Mexican port infrastructure is assigned to Port Authority bodies, which are mainly state-owned corporations that run all aspects of operation and allocation of activities inside each port.

Among other activities, the Port Authorities are in charge of calling for tenders to grant contracts over port areas to develop, construct and operate terminals and facilities to be operated by third parties (private or public), and port-related services, subject to the Master Plan for Port Development of each port and sectoral programs from the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT).

The Port Authority of Puerto Madero on April 3, 2018, called for a tender to grant a 20-year contract to develop, construct and operate a port facility in Puerto Chiapas for managing hydrocarbons, petroleum oils, petrochemicals and other fluids, which of course could include fuels. The contract for a 78,500-square-foot facility will include the use of a service berm, and the right to render maneuver services for transferring the goods or merchandise to the facility.

Participation in the tender requires that interested parties file and obtain favorable opinion from the Mexican antitrust authority (COFECE).

Key dates to remember are:

  • April 3-23 – Tender rules acquisition
  • April 3-June 1 – Registration
  • May 7-9 and May 14-19 – Visits to the site (registration needed)
  • July 30 – Question and Answer session
  • Sept. 28 – Presentation of proposals
  • Oct. 19 – Awarding of contract
  • Nov. 9 – Execution of the contract

This tender is part of many other public and private projects that intend to increase the capacity and infrastructure for storing and distributing oil and gas products. The oil and gas sector is a market with high demand and great opportunities following Mexico's Energy Reform of 2013.