Today the Government has announced its intentions on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Put simply, CIL will be retained but reformed. It is seen as being a much better system than exists under section 106 - fairer and more able to deliver the desired benefits.

As ever, localism gets a mention so one of the reforms will be to "require charging authorities to allocate a meaningful proportion of levy revenues raised in each neighbourhood back to that neighbourhood".

The level of CIL in any area will be down to the relevant council - with Inspectors not having the power, following an examination, to issue binding reports. This is in line with expectations on the Localism Bill in any event but the point is clearly to be extended to the Inspector's role in examining charging schedules brought forward under CIL.

There will be other changes brought forward - but nothing fundamental. The position on section 106 agreements will also not change significantly from that following the commencement of the CIL regulations earlier this year. Regulations to give effect to the necessary changes are intended to take effect from April 2011.

This means that those local authorities which had plans for CIL, but were waiting to see what its fate would be, can now dust those off and bring them forward.