According to the proposal the electricity distribution system should be designed, built and maintained so that the malfunction of the distribution system due to storm or snow load would not cause a power cut longer than six hours in an urban area or a power cut over 36 hours in a rural area.

The distribution system operator should fulfill the requirements in area of responsibility within 15 years of the entering into force of the Act. The requirement is implemented stepwise in order so that the requirements are met in relation to 50% of the distribution system’s customers by 2020 at the latest and in relation to 75% in 2024.

The distribution system operator is required to draw up a development plan for the distribution system. Implementation of the said plan is supposed to lead to the required levels of secure supply of electricity are reached. Furthermore, a general obligation of preparedness is proposed to be imposed on the distribution system operators in cases of malfunction under normal circumstances or an emergency.

On top of the above, the proposal includes an increase in the standard compensation paid to customers as a result of power cuts. The cap for the amount of the standard compensation is proposed to be raised. Furthermore, two new levels of compensation would be added, where the standard compensation would be increased.