The Los Angeles Department of City Planning is accepting comments on draft guidelines for a new transit-based affordable housing incentive program. The new program is required by Measure JJJ (adopted by voters in November 2016) and creates development incentives for residential or mixed-use projects within a half-mile of a major transit stop that contain a minimum percentage of on-site affordable units.

The draft guidelines outline proposed incentives and eligibility criteria, including the following:

  • A range of development incentives depending on the location and number of affordable units, including residential density increases, reductions in parking requirements, increases in allowable building height, and reduced yard/setback, open space and lot coverage requirements.
  • Four "tiers" of incentive areas, based on a development's proximity to major bus stops, bus rapid transit stops, Metrolink stops and Metro Rail stops. All areas within a half-mile of a transit stop are eligible for the program, but more generous incentives are provided in the tier areas closest to transit.
  • Minimum on-site affordable housing requirements for the program, which vary based on the applicable tier area, with more affordable units required in tier areas closer to transit stops.

The draft guidelines are available for public comment prior to consideration by the City Planning Commission, which is tentatively scheduled for May 11, 2017. Through April 13, 2017, city planning staff will accept comments via email to or by phone at (213) 978-2666 for inclusion in staff's report to the Commission. After April 13, 2017, comments can be provided to the City Planning Commission at.