A federal aid package that is aimed at improving aging infrastructure and stimulating new transportation projects is in the works. The Los Angeles Times recently reported on the federal initiative and what it could mean for California infrastructure and agencies. The article can be accessed here.

The article highlights a handful of the many California agencies and projects that would be vying for a portion of the funds, should the package get approved. For those of us in Southern California, there are a multitude of potential projects that would be aided by federal funds – upgraded passenger rails in anticipation of the 2028 Olympics, reduced congestion on the I-5 through an electrified high-speed line between Burbank and Anaheim, and the potential to electrify the passenger rail system from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Funds could also be used to help relocate a portion of an ocean bluff top rail track in San Diego that is at risk of collapsing due to sea level rise. This is a topic we have previously addressed on the California Eminent Domain Report, so be sure to check out other posts if you are interested in this topic.

We will be tracking the status of this federal initiative and what it might mean for California transportation, so check back for future updates.