Following ISDX’s announcement in September 2014 that it was reviewing the entry requirements and rulebook for the ISDX Growth Market, ISDX has now published final form revised rules. The new rules include simplified eligibility criteria for companies wishing to join the Growth Market. Revisions to the ISDX Corporate Adviser Handbook are also effective from 23 March.

Background - the ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) is a recognised investment exchange. The ISDX Main Board is an EU regulated market for officially listed securities which are regulated by the UK Listing Authority or another EU Competent Authority and are subject to the ISDX Main Board Admission and Disclosure Standards (primary market). The ISDX Growth Market is a market for unlisted securities with a regulatory framework dedicated to the needs of smaller companies. Click here for a list of companies admitted to the market.