The EU announced on 15 October 2018 that it has adopted a new sanctions regime to address the use and proliferation of chemical weapons, which will enable it to impose travel bans and/or asset freezes on those involved in the development and use of chemical weapons anywhere, regardless of their nationality and location. This follows the conclusions of the European Council on this subject on 28 June 2018 (link).

The Council’s press release (link) states that the measures “target persons and entities who are directly responsible for the development and use of chemical weapons as well as those who provide financial, technical or material support, and those who assist, encourage or are associated with them”.

The new regime has been introduced by Council Decision 2018/1544 (link) and Council Regulation 2018/1542 (link).

A press release published by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office on 14 October 2018 (link) states that the UK will push for listings under the new regime of “specific individuals and entities responsible for the use and proliferation of chemical weapons across the world”. The press release also states that the UK Foreign Secretary will push for an acceleration of discussions on a new EU cyber-related sanctions regime.