Workplace harassment is a business-critical issue in all places of work and should be taken extremely seriously, particularly in the emerging and high growth companies space. Employers have an obligation to provide a safe workplace and have specific responsibilities under applicable legislation including developing and implementing policies, training and investigating workplace harassment. In addition to the detrimental effect on the well-being of employees, the potential costs and risks associated with workplace harassment include monetary damages, reputational risks, low employee morale, legal costs and more.

For employers, understanding your obligations is key to mitigating these risks and guarding against unintended consequences. This presentation by Steven Dickie and Allison Di Cesare, associates in Osler’s Employment & Labour Group, describes key obligations for employers with respect to workplace harassment. Available in both webinar and PowerPoint format, the goal of this presentation is to help you navigate the following issues:

  • costs associated with workplace harassment
  • basics of the legal framework, including human rights legislation and occupational health and safety legislation
  • conducting a harassment investigation: how, when and best practices
  • risk management techniques and best practices
  • definition and examples of workplace harassment
  • case studies

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