On September 30th, the CFTC requested public comment on a petition submitted by the New York Mercantile Exchange to amend an existing order in connection with contracts traded on the Dubai Mercantile Exchange. In May 2007, the CFTC issued an order under Section 4d of the Commodity Exchange Act permitting DME and clearing member futures commission merchants to hold customer positions and associated funds held in connection with NYMEX's clearing of specific futures contracts traded on or subject to the rules of the DME with other funds held in the segregated account. The order currently requires the margin calculation to cover two days instead of the typical one day. NYMEX now requests that the CFTC amend the order to reduce the coverage to one day. Comments should be submitted within 30 days after publication in the Federal Register which is expected during the week of October 5. CFTC Release No. 5724-09.