Adopting a magistrate judge’s recommendation, a Texas federal court has ruled that Texas can intervene in a lawsuit brought by brewer Alamo Beer Co. alleging that Old 300 Brewing infringed Alamo Beer’s trademark for using the silhouette of the Alamo building on its labels. Alamo Beer Co. LLC v. Old 300 Brewing LLC, No. 14-285 (U.S. Dist. Ct., W.D. Tex., order entered October 14, 2014). The state of Texas filed a motion to intervene in April 2014, asserting that its interests in the Alamo trademark were not adequately represented by either party. A magistrate judge issued a report on the matter in May recommending that Texas be allowed to join the lawsuit, and Alamo Beer argued to the court that the magistrate judge had failed to properly analyze two factors of mandatory intervention and that the state lacked the right to intervene under trademark law. Reviewing Alamo Beer’s concerns, the court rejected its arguments and concluded “these objects are without merit.” Further information on the state’s motion to intervene appears in Issue 523 of this Update.