The upcoming administration has openly stressed the importance of empowering and focusing in the youth. The new secretary of labor has openly expressed that she will be very focused on young workers and their development as the future lies in their hands. 

As a consequence, the government is planning to take the following actions to see to it that private entities mentor young individuals:

  1. That as of December 1st private entities may enter into collaboration covenants with the ministry of labor as to act as official and sanctioned mentors/trainers (not necessarily employers). 
  2. Ministry of labor will credit private entities with a socially responsible distinction.
  3. Young participants (ages 18-29) will receive a monthly scholarship from the government of $3,600 MXP plus medical insurance.
  4. Trainees must observe schedule and tasks provided by training institution.
  5. There will be a monthly follow up and the aim is that after a year, trainees get to become officially employed by training institutions.

At large, this is one of the main emphasis of the new administration and as private entity advisors we are supporters of anything that creates mutual benefits for employees and employers.

Nonetheless, after working out some technical legal issues, we believe that if key players in the private industry do indeed support these programs, then there is a lot to be done and much to learn. As a whole, employers may benefit from 12-month training programs as to integrate the best available human resources and better select and recruit employees to at virtually no cost.

Programs like these may be very helpful across the board in industry, service, manufacture and retail specifically in highly developing markets in Mexico where human resources tend to be scarce.

We will be really close to the next administration as to take advantage of anything that may come as we invite employers to think about training programs, developing talented and skilled labor as we face the next six years of federal administration.