After adopting 23 amendments, the Senate Budget Committee approved S.B. 1972 by Sen. Joe Negron, which will enact a comprehensive reform of Florida's Medicaid system. The amendments addressed a comprehensive number of policy areas in the bill, including intergovernmental transfers, electronic claims acceptance, and essential medical providers. Significant changes include a repeal of the “achieved savings rebate” in favor of a medical loss ratio that was contained in the previous version of the bill. Sen. Negron, one of the sponsors of the amendment, noted that there are a number of questions regarding the methodology of the achieved savings rebate and thus, for the time being, he wanted to revert to a medical loss ratio model. In addition, Sen. Don Gaetz and Sen. Eleanor Sobel sponsored an amendment that requires managed care plans to adhere to a variety of proscriptions regarding the availability of prescriptions drugs, including making at least two products available in each therapeutic class and making drugs available that are not on a plan's preferred drug list when requested by the prescriber. The bill next goes to the Second Reading Calendar. Meanwhile, the House Medicaid reform bills, H.B. 7107 and H.B. 7109, remain in “Messages” in the Senate pending a compromise between the chambers on the proposals.