The European Commission (EC) has published legislation listing the 10 smoke flavoring primary products authorized for use in food. According to Smoke Flavoring Regulation EC No. 2065/2003, these primary products include smoke condensates and tar fractions that can be used directly on foods such as meat and fish to impart a smoky flavor or in the production of derived smoke flavorings, which are then added to a variety of foods and sauces.

Reflecting input from the European Food Safety Authority, the Commis- sion’s latest list describes the maximum permitted level for each primary product and the foods to which they can be added. “When authorized smoke flavorings are used in or on food, their use must be in accordance with the conditions of use, including maximum levels, set in the Annex to this Regulation. When authorized smoke flavorings are used in combination, the individual levels should be reduced proportionally,” concludes the legislation, which sets a compliance date of January 1, 2015. See the Official Journal of the European Union, December 10, 2013; U.K. Food Standards Agency, December 13, 2013.