The Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee marked up its fiscal 2012 spending bill September 6. The subcommittee approved a $31.6 billion bill funding energy and water programs, including nearly $25.6 billion for the Department of Energy. The bill funds the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy at $1.8 billion and the Office of Electricity and Energy Reliability at $141 million, both of which are identical to fiscal 2011 levels. The Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy received a funding increase of $70 million over enacted FY2011 levels, to $250 million, as well as $200 million in credit subsidies for renewable energy technologies. The Senate bill includes $1 billion more in total funding than the House’s $30.6 billion version of the legislation (H.R. 2354), which was passed July 15. The full Senate Appropriations Committee approved the Energy & Water Appropriations bill, which includes $4 billion less for the Department of Energy than what President Obama requested, and still $800 million than the House-passed bill. It is unlikely that the Senate bill will pass as a standalone measure, but is likely to be included in a continuing resolution that funds the f