The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality ("ADEQ") announced in a January 19th news release that it had completed its review of the C&H Hog Farms ("C&H") Drilling Study Report ("Report").

ADEQ had undertaken an evaluation of the integrity of the storage ponds of C&H.

C&H is a concentrated animal feeding operation located in Mt. Judea, Arkansas. This location places it in the Buffalo River Watershed. The facility operates pursuant to a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System general permit No. ARG 590000.

ADEQ states that a multi-disciplinary, internal-review team at ADEQ - consisting of a Professional Engineer, Professional Geologist, and scientists - reviewed the study's findings while considering additional information derived from questions posed by concerned citizens and found no evidence of a release from the storage ponds.

The ADEQ personnel reviewed work by Harbor Environmental and Safety which had undertaken the drilling study.

ADEQ states that the drilling study:

. . .achieved the objective of the project by identifying that the anomaly in the Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) study noted by Dr. Halihan at 120.5 feet below ground surface was groundwater, and not a release.

The agency states that Harbor had conducted the drilling study in September of 2016 to resolve questions regarding subsurface conditions identified by ERI work that had been undertaken by the Big Creek Research Extension Team.

A copy of the news release can be downloaded below.