Law no. 129/2015 – D.R. no. 172/2015, Series I of 2015-09-03 Parliament

Third amendment to Law no. 112/2009, of 16 September, which establishes the legal regime applicable to the prevention of domestic violence and to the protection of and assistance to victims, including the regime applicable to absences and transfers at the request of an employee victim of domestic violence and also covering provisions regarding collective bargaining agreements.

Law no. 133/2015 – D.R. no. 174/2015, Series I of 2015-09-07 Parliament

Creates a mechanism for protection of pregnant employees, employees who have recently given birth or who are breastfeeding, pursuant to which companies that, in the 2 years prior to an application for public subsidies, have been sentenced by a judgement with the force of res judicata for unlawful dismissal of a pregnant employee, employee who has recently given birth or who is breastfeeding, are prevented from benefiting from the aforementioned public subsidies.

Law no. 146/2015 – D.R. no. 176/2015, Series I of 2015-09-09 Parliament

Regulates the activities of seafarers on board of ships flying the Portuguese flag, as well as the responsibilities of the Portuguese state as flag or port state, in order to fulfil the mandatory provisions of the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention, of the International Labour Organization, transposes Council Directives 1999/63/EC of 21 June 1999 and 2009/13/EC of 16 February 2009, Directive 2012/35/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 November 2012 and Directive 2013/54/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 November 2013, and makes the second amendment to Decree-Laws no. 274/95, of 23 October, and 260/2009, of 25 September, and the fourth amendment to Law no. 102/2009, of 10 September, and repeals Decree-Law no. 145/2003, of 2 July.