Renewable energy is SA’s solution

There are several vital and interlinked reasons the country should aim for a 100% renewable energy future - and they all have to do with the quality of our future development.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for supporting ambitious renewables targets is that, in the long run, this will save us a whole lot of money. Already, solar and wind projects created through SA’s renewable energy-procurement programme have, according to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, in the first six months of this year created ZAR8.3 billion in benefits through savings on diesel and gas-powered generation, and averted load shedding. 

Business Day, 21 September 2015

Robben Island to develop clean power generation pilot

In South Africa, Robben Island, is taking steps to become greener by developing a solar photovoltaic (PV) pilot project, which will be rolled out over a period of three years.

The South African Department of Tourism is the driver behind a ZAR180 million Tourism Incentive Programme (TIP), within which the renewable project falls, with attempts to increase and sustain tourism in the City of Cape Town.

Business Day, 21 September 2015

SA could build nuclear without State funding

South Africa could look to places like Finland and Turkey when trying to figure out a way to fund its high-cost nuclear build programme.

National Treasury is currently exploring funding options for the Department of Energy, which is seeking the procurement of 9 600 MW worth of nuclear energy. It could decide to ask the winning bidder to initially own the power plants and sell electricity at a fixed price to Eskom.

Engineering News, 22 September 2015

Planning commission on Wright track with energy

A 30-year-old electrical engineer, who is the National Planning Commission’s new point man on energy, says he hopes his youth will invigorate the conversation and give impetus to the implementation of the National Development Plan, which was adopted by the Cabinet in 2012.

The appointment of Jarrad Wright, with work experience of only five years and who is little known in the sector, caused some surprise when the new commissioners were announced last week. Since completing his MSc at Wits University in 2010, Mr Wright worked for engineering firm Parsons Brinckerhoff for four years before joining Energy Exemplar, which is primarily involved in using energy-modelling software.

Business Day, 23 September 2015

SA’s solar programme a "game changer", says Davies

Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies said on Tuesday that South Africa’s solar energy programme (SEP) would deliver a quarter of the country’s renewable energy by 2030 and should be recognised as a game changer that would create opportunities for communities.

Engineering News, 23 September 2015