The Government of Canada launched nationwide consultations to solicit Canadians' opinions on the issue of copyright.

As Bill C-61 died at election call last year, the Government of Canada has stated its intention to table legislation to amend the Copyright Act next fall. Over the coming weeks, the Government of Canada will be hosting a nationwide consultation on amendments to the Act.

The consultations will run until September 13, 2009, and will include a number of different avenues for stakeholders and the public at large to participate, including an online discussion forum, as well as a dedicated website for posting submission details. A number of by-invitation only round tables are also planned across the country to gather various points of view regarding the type of amendments needed to the Act. At this point, the following round tables are scheduled:

July 20: Vancouver  

July 21: Calgary  

July 29: Gatineau

In addition, two town hall meetings are scheduled. The first will be held in Montreal on July 30 and then in Toronto on August 27. Individuals and groups may register to participate and a webcast will be available on the consultation site. Further information on the roundtables and the town hall meetings is not yet available.

Other forms of participation include submitting a paper or memorandum to the government through the online submission centre. The various means of consultation are discussed on a dedicated website at